South Australia is in the grips of what some are calling a ‘major emergency’ as the state’s most loved drink disappears from shelves.

Photos are popping up over social media of supermarkets, servos and delis with completely empty shelves where the 2L version of Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee is meant to be.

The Advertiser has reported that the owners of the iconic beverage said they had been unable to source enough milk to fulfil demand for the product.

“Extreme weather conditions – including drought, together with significant cost increases across water, feed and energy – have contributed to the challenges facing dairy production in Australia,” a spokesperson was reported as saying.

“We are doing all we can to source additional milk and continuing to communicate and work with our customers to mitigate against shortages and ensure that our dairy products are available on shelf.”

South Australia has long taken pride from the fact that its ‘FUIC’ obsession makes it is one of the very few places in the world where the top selling drink is not Coca-Cola.

Whether that is entirely true or not we’re not sure but right now we know it can’t be our top selling drink if it’s not on the shelves!


“god save SA, an adelaide without FUIC is barely an adelaide at all,” tweeted Chole Sargeant.

Reddit user ‘NotNib’ when to the Adelaide community for help yesterday when they couldn’t get their daily fix of Farmer’s Union: “Anyone know what the deal is with FUIC? It’s my go to drink and it’s like an ice coffee apocalypse, none to be seen. It’s my go to drink and it’s like an ice coffee apocalypse, none to be seen.”

Reddit user ‘TheManWithNoName88’ replied: “I knew the breakdown of society would happen at some point, didn’t realise that time was now.”

Never fear though South Australia, owners have promised it will be back on our shelves by the end of the week.

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