Calls for one of the contestants to be booted from the 2015 season of MasterChef have raged following the revelation he is the brother of a judge on the Indonesian version of the hit show.

Sydney’s Reynold Poernomo is the brother of Arnold Poernomo, a judge on the Indonesian version of the show, and is also the son of a patisserie-owner.

Earlier this month Mario Montecullo was removed from the show after it was revealed he had gained experience working in a commercial kitchen.

Fans of MasterChef have been left up in arms following the decision to allow Poernomo to continue, however the judges appear nonplussed by the controversy starting to rage.

Matt Preston declared Poernomo’s ‘Forbidden Fruit’ dish the “Best dessert I’ve seen in six years,” suggesting the 20-year-old could make a strong showing this season.