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Representatives of Adelaide strip club Crazy Horse have denied claims that Shannon Noll may have been ‘king hit’ by security guards after he was asked to leave the venue over the weekend.

Yesterday sources close to the Australian Idol runner-up told the Daily Mail that the altercation occurred when a bouncer struck Noll after staff at the strip club charged him $300 instead of the expected $63.

“The story is backwards. Shannon was king-hit and, as the footage shows, repeatedly kneed by security,” the source told the Daily Mail.

“It’s amazing how there’s a big gap in the footage.”

The widely circulated Snapchat footage shows Noll speaking to security guards, before cutting to a shot of Noll being restrained by several security guards.


Crazy Horse Revue denies these claims with the following statement:

The Crazy Horse is a business operated in a professional manner and engages professional people in respect to its operations. Crazy Horse’s concerns at all times is the safety of its patrons and that of its personnel.

A source has told The Advertiser that Noll paid for several private dances with two different women and became “agitated and aggressive” when he asked one of the women back to his hotel room and was rebuffed.

“He asked to see the venue manager. He said he didn’t want the lap dance, he wanted a refund,”

The source said:

“He was saying, ‘Give my f___ing money back, you don’t know who you’re fucking with’.”


Alastair Longmuir, who filmed the Snapchat footage, had this to say:

“My opinion is that Shannon’s PR are trying to change the story to make people sympathise with him,”

He claims Noll was “definitely not” king hit by security guards.

Looks like we haven’t heard the last of this story just yet.


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