He may have a reputation as a lothario, but at least Shane Warne’s got a sense of humour about it.

Of course it helps that you’re getting paid to make fun of yourself, which the 45-year-old certainly does in an TV advertisement for Marshall batteries.

It also does no harm that his method acting for the role could have been enhanced because the women he is seen fooling around with bears more than a passing resemblance to his old flame Elizabeth Hurley.

Warne got engaged to Hurley back in 2011 shortly after their relationship went public, but the pair split in December, 2013.

The ad starts with a husband coming back home early from work only to find a man cavorting with his wife on a sun lounger in their back garden.

To his horror and disbelief the man playing around with his wife is none other than the legendary cricketer.

The stunned husband can only stare at them both in shock before saying: ‘Mary?… Warnie?… WARNIE!!’


Naturally enough Warne makes a quick exit from the house before the furious husband can get his hands on him.

After being chased around the garden by the furious husband a few times, Warne jumps into his car only to find that the battery’s flat and it won’t start.

Warne suddenly looks to be on a sticky wicket but after grabbing his phone and shouting ‘Marshall!” down it, a Marshall worker appears out of nowhere and installs a new battery into his car at lightning speed.

It means he can make his getaway as the cheated husband is left running after the car screaming: ‘WARNIE!!’

The fun is continued on the company’s website where a picture of Warne fooling around with the man’s wife says: “If you’re caught in a sticky situation, holler for a Marshall battery.’

While also on the site accompanying a photo of the former cricketer stuck in his car, it says: ‘Shane Warne knows when you have a dead battery, holler for a Marshall!’


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