Shane Warne has lashed out at Brynne Edelsten this morning after he believes she tipped of the paparazzi that he was going to be going to her house for a ”nightcap” at 1AM last night following a charity event.

Warnie took to his Facebook page this morning to explain what he described as a ”sad incident”.

The pair were attending a All In For Charity poker tournament in Geelong with other celebrities including Mick Gatto and Darryn Lyons.

He started his post by saying ”“Some people never cease to amaze me. Listen to this one,”

He then continued to rant adding ”After a fun night raising money for breast cancer in Geelong last night, me & a few friends plus Brynne Edelsten went out for a couple of drinks. Brynne then invited me back to her place around 1am for a nightcap, when I arrived, paparazzi were conveniently waiting outside her home to get the pic, coincidence? I left instantly and thought how sad is that!”

It appears he was really frustrated by the tip off by someone he was clearly getting along with at the event.


The night didn’t exactly go to plan at all as before the nightcap incident, a limousine was stolen from the event, which was meant to ferry the guests around for the evening.

Though, clearly Warnie was OK getting around.

I am sure it’s not the last we have heard about it..