From Kim Kardashian to another mega star, Sharon Strzelecki really is spreading the proper pronunciation of the word “noice” with a little help from Uber Eats.

That’s right, Magda Szubanski’s character Sharon is back on the food delivery service’s ads and this time she’s got tennis sensation Serena Williams to join in on the fun.

In this version, Sharon has put away the netball uniform and swapped it out for some ball girl gear, including a hat with neck flaps, long, mint green skivvy.

The ad opens up on Serena in the middle of a match with Sharon trying to throw her a tennis ball from the sideline for her serve.

Unfortunately she’s not too accurate with her throws and the tennis balls bounce straight past Serena, with one even getting stuck in her hair!

Williams can be seen getting slightly annoyed before turning to the camera and saying, “Tonight, I’ll be eating fried cauliflower tacos and jalapeno tamales”.


Her food is then casually delivered on court mid-game, coz that’s not random at all, to which Serena casually replies, “Noice!”

Clearly she was taking note from Kimmy K’s ad where Sharon explained the correct pronunciation.

Sharon did however pick up on Serena’s pronunciation of “jalapeño”…

Check out the ad for yourself in the video above!