We’ve all heard of someone fumbling the ball in a game of footy but THIS is definitely not what we had in mind. 

A video has surfaced of a security guard at a San Diego Chargers game in the NFL and, er, he certainly is focused on the job at hand.

In the footage it looks like the security guard is working on his own ball handling skills… and not the PG kind.

What’s more disturbing is he is in full view of the crowd… and just metres away from a group of cheerleaders. 

WARNING: Explicit Content


My eyes! Think of the children!

Thankfully, the offender has reportedly been fired from his role at Qualcomm Stadium after footage of the incident surfaced on Sunday. 

A spokesperson from the Elite Security company confirmed the termination of his role to The New York Post. 

“Elite would like to apologise to anyone who was offended by this isolated incident,” the spokesperson told The Post.


“Additionally, Elite has opened a formal investigation into the matter and has acted swiftly in terminating the employee involved.”

The Chargers also made the below statement surrounding the event. 

“The Chargers, Elite Security as well as the San Diego Police Department are aware of the disturbing actions of an Elite Security staff member at Sunday’s game,” the statement read.

“We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident.

“Elite Security is currently investigating the incident and has vowed to take immediate and appropriate action.”