On Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show,” he described what happened.

“When your daughter was beginning to date, were you a relaxed father?” asked Norton. “Were you nice to the suitors?” Penn explained that his daughter was 16 years old the first time a date arrived at their front door, and the Oscar winner described it as “16 years of waiting.” He said, “This was not her night. This was my night.” Penn recalled telling her, “I will not let you go out with him if I don’t get this moment.”

The actor said he warned the suitor not to drive drunk with Dylan and said he’d prefer they returned early. He then told the boy, “The main thing, whatever time you do get her home… Whatever you do with her while you’re out, I’m going to do with you when you get her home.” Pretty funny.

One person who never got such treatment? Robert Pattinson. Despite frequent tabloid reports to the contrary, Pattinson NEVER dated Penn. Penn herself called the rumours “bullsh*t” in an interview, and later said she “laughed” at the frequent missteps by outlets like Us Weekly. Gossip Cop had that debunking right from the very start. 

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