First they were dating. 

Then they were getting married.

Soon after the wedding was off, but not before they quietly eloped. 

Rumours of Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe’s tumultuous relationship have been splashed across glossy magazines for weeks.

Sources have been crawling out of every corner to call in tip offs about the pair.

After weeks of speculation, both parties denied the union. A spokesperson for Australia Zoo politely claimed the reports were “false”.

Meanwhile, Crowe took to Twitter to set his 2.25 million followers straight.


“Last week New Idea said I was getting married, now Woman’s Day saying the weddings off. I have such a dramatic life in bs magazines,” he spat.

Not one to give up a fight, this week New Idea announced the partnership between Terri and Russell was in fact professional.

Column inches preach: Crowe and Irwin are set to go into business together and expand Australia Zoo by setting up one together in California.

But, sadly, this too has been crushed.

A spokesperson for the Irwin family hit back at questions about the alleged $340 million business venture.

“All of these reports are completely false,” the spokesperson said.


“Terri and Russell do not have any joint business plans in the US and we can advise with certainty that these stories have been made up in gossip mag world.”





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