Sir Rod Stewart has revealed a rather interesting hobby of his – building model railways!

No, we’re not talking about small, simple railways, but extremely detailed, extravagant ones that take years to complete.

The legendary rock star has spent the past 23 years creating an imaginary city in the attic of his Los Angeles mansion, complete with intricate details and over 100 feet of railroad tracks.

Stewart revealed his love of model building in an interview with Railway Modeller magazine, telling the publication that he even worked on the model skyscrapers and other scenery when he was on tour, reserving extra hotel rooms for his construction project.

Rather than laying down railroad, the ‘Maggie May’ singer prefers to create structures and scenery with his towns featuring warehouses, high-rises, and different landscapes.


If you thought that was epic, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that the railway infrastructure is impeccably detailed too, complete with train stations, tunnels, bridges, tracks, cars and ships! To truly reflect a real town, Stewart made sure every pavement stone was a slightly different colour, and used black chalk to create cracks. He even put fake garbage in the gutters.

However, the question remains – can we come and visit?