More than a dozen teen prisoners are still barricaded inside a Melbourne youth justice centre, after a second night of rioting. Reports say the youths are being rewarded with Domino’s Pizza. 

Police are at the Parkville juvenile justice facility after inmates starting rioting early on Monday, after also rioting on Saturday night. 

According to The Herald Sun, the inmates demanded soft drink and junk food while holding authorities at bay.

Shadow Minister for Children Georgie Crozier told a local radio station “This situation just can’t go on,” she said. “These kids are being rewarded for their actions.

“They are just being rewarded with pizza and soft drink. I think it needs to be tougher. The government needs to stop pussyfooting around.”


Staff at the centre report more than a dozen teen prisoners are still unaccounted for, and have barricaded themselves inside one of the units.

The Department of Health and Human Services said there was no threat to the community from the riot.

Source: AAP / Herald Sun

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