Netflix launched in Australia today and telco Optus is betting big on the online streaming service as part of its 2015 strategy, offering a range of deals, including unmetered streaming.

English comic, Ricky Gervais, who co-produces his show, Derek, with Netflix, is driving the marketing for Optus. But one of the ads he’s done for them might be a little too ironically smart for its own good.

It’s classic Gervais; a little cringeworthy, blurring the lines between truth and satire, but one of the two ads in the campaign, in which he says he doesn’t even know who Optus are and he’s only doing it after they said “OK” to “a shedload of cash, seriously mental money” just seems a little too cute and clever by half.

“They said ‘We are not happy with this as an advert,’ but I said ‘It’s too late. You’ve paid me, I’ve spent it’,” Gervais deadpans.

Or as Derek says: “Dougie, I licked a toad.”

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