It’s supposed to the quickest way to get yourself out of the supermarket but according to a criminologist, it’s also the quickest way to becoming a thief.

Research has shown that people are willing to steal at self-service checkouts when they wouldn’t dream of committing theft while wondering around the shop floor.

Currently, the retail sector is waiting for the technology to catch up with tuning shoppers but the only way they can try and stop us stealing right now is better customer service or a better image.

Adam Beck from the University of Leicester said that shoppers are excellent at ‘’neutralising’’ their moral concerns, especially if the retailer is not meeting its social obligations.

The research was done over 12 months in the UK’s biggest supermarket, where Beck found that the retailers lost a total of $380 million in thefts alone last year.

In a random sample of more than 1 million self-service baskets, he found that 3.97 percent of lost products came from people not scanning at self-service checkouts, compared to just 1.47 percent through the shop floor.

Coles and Woolworths have both said that they monitor their self-service checkouts carefully and ‘’the vast majority of customers are doing the right thing.’’


Have you done the same thing before?

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