Victoria’s wintry blast is delivering wet, windy and gloomy conditions, plus a warning to take care on the roads.

Heavy rain, flash flooding and damaging winds are tipped for Monday and Transport Accident Commission senior road safety specialist David Young says it’s a good reason to take it easy on the road.

“In these wintry conditions we are asking everyone to be aware and give people extra space on the road and to take extra time to get where you’re going,” he told reporters on Monday.

State Road Safety Minister Jaala Pulford agreed.

“Winter has well and truly arrived, it is wet and freezing cold and this is an important opportunity to remind people of the importance of driving to your skill level and conditions,” she said.

An alarming 140 people have died in Victoria so far this year, up from 88 for the same period last year.

As much as 80 millimetres of rain is predicted to fall on Monday as wild winds whip up to 70km/h, with peak gusts of 100km/h in the east.


SES crews are on stand-by across the state, particularly in alpine regions, as the combination of wind and snowfall is likely to lead to blizzard conditions later on Monday.

The SES warns those driving in alpine areas to be aware of the conditions and make sure they are carrying tyre chains.

It’s been a wet 24 hours across the state, particularly in the Bellarine area, with 50mm of rain falling at Spargo Creek, 49mm at Ballan, 43mm at Trentham and 42mm at Anakie.

The SES was called to 91 jobs overnight, mainly for leaking roofs and fallen trees.

The busiest areas included Geelong, Torquay and Hepburn Springs.

Victorians are warned to:


* Move vehicles under cover or away from trees

* Secure outdoor loose items

* Keep clear of fallen power lines

* Not walk, ride or drive through flood water

* Keep clear of creeks and storm drains

* Be aware that rainfall run-off may contain debris


* Be alert that in areas recently affected by fires, heavy rainfall increases the potential for landslides and debris across roads.

(SOURCE: Bureau of Meteorology)


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