It sounds like a bad joke.

A GIANT python was discovered attempting to devour a wallaby in Queensland over the weekend, while a horse casually strolled over to check out what was going on!

The snake, estimated to be around three meters long, was found wrapped around the wallaby late Sunday afternoon by local Bernie Worsfold.

Speaking to the ABC, Mr Worsfold said he stumbled across the shocking scene on his North Queensland property:

“It was right in the middle of the paddock, there it was rolling around this huge wallaby and python,”

“I was amazed by the size of his [python’s] head … he swallowed that wallaby in three hours.”


“It was an amazing sight. “I didn’t watch it all. I went away to make a cup of tea but came back every hour.”

Incredibly this is the second such incident in the region in the past few weeks.

Just last month a python was filmed eating a wallaby on a golf course just one suburb away from this latest incident.

We guess it’s lucky the snakes have only been attracted to marsupials so far eh…?


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