Even ferocious man-eaters love Prince Harry!

The 31-year-old heartthrob is currently in Malawi, being as cute and philanthropic as ever and working to relocate threatened elephants being tracked by poachers.

But as an unexpected – and unrelated – animal suddenly presented itself, the cheeky Royal couldn’t help but roll up his sleeves and get involved with the catch and rescue of an injured crocodile. 

Bindi Irwin, eat your heart out.

“It was a massive croc and really p*ssed off as it was in pain,” an onlooker told The Sun. “Harry got completely involved in the action despite it being very dangerous.

“The man has balls! The whole time you’re thinking how you could get bitten as the croc was not tranquilised and he could seriously hurt you at any stage.”

We can’t help but wonder if this is the first time a member of the Royal family has been described as “having balls”?


The Prince reportedly was in the boat that approached the crocodile, helping to tie a rope around the animal’s mouth to pull it to shore. 

Two other team members then released a hook that had been caught in the croc’s mouth.

Harry, who asked not to be referred to by his Royal title for the duration of the trip, was “very uncomplicated”, according to park operations manager Lawrence Munro.

“He stipulated from the beginning that he wanted to live with the guys and eat with the guys and have no special treatment,” Munro revealed.

Oh, Harry. You’re our hero.


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