Nostalgia, alert!

You truly were a 90s kid if you owned a Polly Pocket back in the day. You know, the inch-tall doll and her adorable, portable home. Yeah, that one!

Well, it’s time to relive your childhood with the reemergence of this iconic toy in Aussie stores.

Thirty year after the original launch, the compact toy is getting a reboot to inspire the same sense of imagination and curiosity for the next generation as it did with us. 

Our personal favourite is the new ’30th Anniversary Retro Partytime Surprise Keepsake Compact’ which retails at $29 as part of Big W’s massive Toy Mania sale. And yes, this particular Polly Pocket is no different to how it was released back in 1989. 


With many stores already reporting a shortage of stock, it’s probably best you get in quick and purchase this collectors item. It’s time the children of today get the chance to experience the same awesome toys we did back in the 90s! 

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