Late pop legend George Michael’s family are reportedly preparing themselves for the worst possible news, as police begin widening their search into the singer’s death.

According to the UK newspaper The Mirror, police are now trying to find the owners of some cars seen parked near the icon’s riverfront mansion in the lead up to his death.

‘Officers are stepping up the ­investigation into the days leading up to George’s death and focusing on those who came and went to see George,’ a source told the newspaper.

  ‘They may have vital information which could be of use.’

‘I’m worried that because everything is ­taking so long that it’s going to be bad news,’ a family member told the Mirror. ‘We now fear the worst.

  ‘We just want to know what ­happened. Why was he on his own? Why did his ­boyfriend sleep in his car when George has a big house? It’s all very strange.’

George passed away on Christmas Day.

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