Chris Porsz/Geoff Robinson

When he wasn’t working as a paramedic in his hometown of Peterborough in the UK, Chris Porsz was a keen amateur photographer.

He spent countless hours walking around the city in the late 1970s and 80s, taking candid shots of punks and policemen, siblings and sweethearts, traders and teenagers.

Now more than three decades later, Chris has managed to track down some of the people he photographed and recreated a handful of his favourite photos from his collection.

Porsz spent over seven years tracking down the people in his pictures before persuading them to pose once again.

Some of the pictures are sweet as people now in their 40’s and 50’s pose blowing bubble gum, while other images are more poignant as it appears some of the people he tracked down are obviously living rough and are possibly homeless.

These and many more ‘then and now’ images have now been published in a new book called “Reunions”.

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