Former Aussie pop star Peter Andre has revealed how he was told that he looked like a suicide bomber which resulted in him being unable to hail a taxi. 

Now living in London the singer has revealed on UK TV show Loose Women that it appears suspicions are high in Europe following a number of terror attacks.

“I got on the train it was a cold morning I put my trackies on, my hat, my hoodie on, I had my backpack like that [signalling his shoulder] I got to London Victoria, stood outside for a cab. One cab had the light on, it went like that [goes off], next one goes past me, next one goes past me. By the fourth one, I was like ‘is anyone going to stop?’ He saw me, he clocked he must have recognised me in some way.”

Once in the back of the cab, Andre was given the reason why he hadn’t been picked up earlier.

“I got in the back and he said, ‘mate word of advice. Don’t dress like that. We’re not going to stop for ya’,” the Mysterious Girl singer said. “I was like ‘oh’. And then I dressed like that again the next day.”

Maybe Pete would have had less issues if he was looking a bit more recognisible with his usual pop star look?


 The singer also made headlines in the same interview when he mentioned that he regularly weighs his children, something that is frowned upon by many experts.

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