In 2015 when Rob Kugler found out that his dog Bella had developed an incurable form of cancer that had started in her front leg and then to her lungs he was devastated.

The former marine decided that Bella deserved something special in her final months and decided to drop everything and travel across the US with her.

Bella’s vet had given her just three to six months to live, but incredibly fifteen months later she’s still going strong as she travels across the countryside.

Rob lost his brother in Iraq in 2007 and his sister in a car accident two years ago so he understands the value in stepping back and taking a look at the bigger picture.  

“Taking Bella to each state really isn’t the priority, it’s more having her along to experience my own ‘hero’s journey’ and appreciate each other’s spirit and life on the planet.”

To follow Rob and Bella’s journey check out their Instagram


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