When Paul Heroux learnt that his cherished dog, Mura, only had months to live, he knew he had to make the time count.

The man and his 10-year-old Japanese wolf dog embarked on a 13,000 kilometre trip of a lifetime – visiting 24 US states in 12 days. 

“With chemotherapy, I have about a 50 percent chance of six months, I have a 10 percent chance of one year [left with Mura],” Heroux told NBC 10 News.

“Mura doesn’t know she has terminal cancer so don’t tell her. Just let her think she is the little princess that she is going for the best ride of her life. Dogs love to go for a ride,” Paul Heroux – who is also the mayor of Attleboro, Massachusetts – wrote on Facebook.

From visiting the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grand Canyon and Hollywood, Heroux has been sharing stories from their awe-inspiring trip on Facebook where they have received thousands of comments praising the two. 

One posts reads: “Filling up my gas tank: $40. Staying in a sketchy hotel: $60. The look on Mura’s face after she just ate a nasty freeway gas station hot dog: Priceless.”


This isn’t the first time Mura has stolen the spotlight. She even joined her owner on his campaign trail. 

“We knocked on doors together [and] went to schools together,” Heroux said.

Despite being in and out of surgery, Mura has been in good spirits during the trip. The Mayor has reiterated how grateful he is for a decade of “unconditional love” and the 13,000 kilometres of memories he made with his girl over the past 12 days. 

Paul Heroux plans to write a children’s book about the pair’s adventure. 


“She is family,” he said. “She is the most precious thing in the world to me and she always has been.” 

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