Oprah Winfrey has been left reeling from an interview given by her father, Vernon, in which he alleges the billionaire TV star only calls him twice a year for 20 minutes.

Vernon, 83, who is currently struggling with health issues, has told the National Enquirer that he hasn’t seen Oprah for two years.

“We talk on the phone maybe a couple of times a year –  on her birthday and on mine,” he told the magazine.

Oprah is estimated to be worth $4 billion and credits her dad for saying her whole she was studying in Nashville. Her father bought her a car and a home near his business in her hometown, but sources say she hasn’t repaid him much at all.

 “It’s sad to see Vernon in such basic conditions,” says a source. “He scrapes by, but it’s barely living. He’s a proud man and doesn’t like to say it, but he feels like he’s been cut off.”

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