The Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones drowned in 1969 – it was later ruled ‘death by mis-adventure’..

In ’71, the Doors’ Jim Morrison was found dead in his Paris bath tub – he was also just 27 years old.

In 1973, David Bowie played the last show of his World tour at the Hammersmith Odeon in London and announced he was retiring from live performances. However, he was back on stage within 12 months.

‘Business As Usual’ by Men at Work entered the US charts in 1982.

Cult Classic, ‘Back to the Future’, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd was released in 1985.

And Phil Walsh, coach of the Adelaide Football Club, was tragically killed after a domestic dispute with his son in 2015.


Today’s birthdays: 

Actress Olivia Munn turns 36 (1980)

Aussie actress Jane Allsop turns 41 (1975)

The Simpsons’ Yeardley Smith is 52 (1964)

Tom Cruise is 54 (1962)  

And The Seekers’ Judith Durham is 73 (1943) 

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