In 1968 The Doors’ ‘Hello, I Love You’ hit number one in the US – it was their second chart topper

Paul McCartney announced the formation of his new band Wings in 1971.

The Knack had a hit in 1979 with My Sharona.


Following a celebrity-filled unofficial wedding ceremony six days earlier in St. Tropez, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson officially tied the knot in Beverly Hills in 2006.

After 36 years, Queen Guitarist Brian May handed in his astronomy PhD thesis in 2007 – he’d given up study when he joined the band.

And after 13 years of divorce Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce in 2016.


Today’s Birthdays: 

Evangeline Lily from Lost is 37 (1979)

Martha Stewart turns 75 (1941)

Actor Martin Sheen is 76 (1940)

And singer Tony Bennett is 90 (1926)