Did you tune in to watch the reboot of Beauty & The Geek on Sunday night?

The premiere episode had us all introduced to a group of gorgeous beauties and a group of adorable nerds aka. geeks.

The couples were challenged to host a seal show at Taronga Zoo to bring out the best in their partners and two couples won dates with their better halves.

George Goldfeder paired with Leticia has quickly become a fan favourite after the first episode with his outgoing personality and passion for martial arts!

But I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it appears that George is/was an actor.

Whether he’s ‘acting’ on the show or not is another question but according to IMDB  the man has been in two short films already!

Playing a character called ‘Sam’ in a short film called Consequence and playing a metal head called  ‘Thrasher’ in another short called Painkiller.


He sure looks different without all the scruffy facial hair!

Whether he’s playing a nerd or he’s being his authentic self, we love what the new season of Beauty & The Geek is serving up!