Former Rabbitohs player Sam Burgess has won ‘SAS Australia’ after being the only celebrity recruit to pass final selection during the show’s season finale.

The 32-year-old completed the demanding course alongside sprinter John Steffensen and tennis legend Mark Philippoussis, who both failed to make the final cut.

After all three recruits completed the course, the show’s DS (directing staff) had to make the difficult decision to choose who they think would make it as an SAS soldier.

“We’re not looking for brawn, we’re not looking for brain, we’re looking for a combination of both,” Ant Middleton told the recruits.

“You can take in information, divulge it and execute what needs to be done. Teamwork, leadership, everything.”

After making John and Mark step back, he turned to Sam, saying: “You have successfully passed this course. Well done.”


Unfortunately, John and Mark “lacked” the additional “one per cent” to pass selection, despite completing the course.

“My goal was to get to the end and be selected, and it was great to achieve that goal,” exclaimed Sam.

He added, “What I’m taking from it is I’m going to pour all my time, my emotion, into the places that deserve it in my life.

“It starts with my kids (four-year-old Poppy and two-year-old Billy) and just making sure I’m the best role model for them. It’s just a great lesson in life.”


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