For those who are in long distance relationships, listen up… things are about to get weird.

The days of making kissy-mwah-type noises over the phone are over. 

Behold, Kissinger.

It’s the world’s first mobile kissing messenger that connects via app and audio jack (sorry, iPhone 7 users) so you can kiss your lover through your phone.

Here’s how it’s meant to work…

High precision force sensors are embedded under the silicon lip to measure the dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss. The device sends this data to your phone, which transmits it to your partner over the internet in real time.


Miniature linear actuators are used to reproduce these forces on your partner’s lips, creating a realistic kissing sensation. Kissinger provides a two-way interaction, just like a real kiss. You can also feel your partner’s kiss on your lips when they kiss you back.

The creators reckon it’s not just for lovers either. The website states that you can use Kissinger to “share an intimate moment with your friends and family”.


Good luck using this in public.

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