The Thinkergirls spoke to Andrea Hah, exercise physiologist and elite rock climber who became the first female to conquer the warped wall on Australian Ninja Warrior.

As a big fan of the show, Kristie was there to cheer Andrea on (from her couch), impressed by Andrea’s sheer strength and agility.

“It’s a surreal experience to be on the course and get to that situation,” Andrea said. “But it’s pretty intimidating because it is 4.2m high.” 

At only 161cm tall, Andrea had to jump up three times her body height.

Ninja Warrior courses are aimed to test the power of both men and women, and there is no difference based on gender.

“Do you think it’s still fair as a woman to do the exact same obstacle?” Kristie asked. 

“Of course we’re all competing against each other, but it’s also about us getting through the obstacle,” she said. “So you’re running your own race as you’re on the course and the intention around the world has always been that men and women are on even playing fields.”


Andrea was very diplomatic about the fact that maybe the warped wall was a little unfair, however, she conquered it… so that’s what really matters!

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