Woman’s Day is reporting that Nicole Kidman displayed ‘bizarre’ and ‘loose’ behaviour at the Golden Globes on January 8th.

In the report by the magazine, the Aussie actress is said to have left ‘some observers wondering whether she’d had a few too many pre-show wines’. 

The evening started off with the actress interrupting British actor Tom Hiddleston’s red carpet interview to tell everyone she was having a good time.

‘Sorry to crash. I’m so happy to be here, and I’m determined to have fun. That’s why I came here and did that,’ she quipped as camera’s rolled. 

it didn’t stop there, with the Lion star choosing to ‘shoo away’ a cocktail restaurant and asking for the waiters who had the pizza plates.


The magazine alleges that her husband, Keith Urban, was left to brush the pizza crumbs off her frock.

Nicole Kidman was nominated for Best Actress at the awards but lost out to Isabelle Huppert.