We’ve all been there… You go for dinner and when you get the bill, you can’t work out how it could possibly come to THAT AMOUNT, before getting out the old calculator and double-checking.

Well an NFL rookie recently found himself in a similar situation, but much, MUCH worse.

Houston Texans rookie K.J. Dillon was the victim of a classic team dinner prank and was left to foot the bill, but the 23-year-old got the shock of his life when he saw the total amount.

$US16,255, to be exact. 

That DOES NOT include gratuity either. The compulsory 10% service charge brings the total to $US18,000.

That’s close to $AUD25,000!!!


I don’t know about you, but I would so rather go hungry for a week and buy a whole new wardrobe, even a new car maybe, with that type of cash!

Included in the hefty bill was $349.65 sea blass with lobster and $105.90 filet mignon.

They also ticked up $7,700 of rare cognac – which wasn’t hard considering it was $350 a glass and they had 22 rounds. YIKES!

But it gets worse…


The ONLY thing Dillon ordered on the night was the cheapest item on the receipt – a $12.95 Caesar salad.

“Me lol,” he replied to a fan, who asked which player ordered the salad.

He also doesn’t drink.

“I don’t even drink lol,” he wrote on Twitter alongside a picture of the dinner bill.

But hey! What are friends for, right?


And judging by his latest tweet, it looks like he’s suddenly on a budget.

Poor guy! The struggle is REAL!

Source: News.com.au

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