When ‘Making A Murderer’ exploded onto our screens via Netflix people went crazy for the docuseries which followed the trial of Steven Avery.

He’d been charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach however the central theme to the series is that the Manitowoc County sheriff’s department were out to get him, no matter what, and that they manipulated the evidence to ensure a guilty verdict in Avery’s trial.

This has never been proven and the police department has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Now Steven’s new defense team claim they have enough evidence to prove that Avery was framed.

Kathleen Zellner has had Teresa’s key to her RAV4 tested for solvent.


She says if this spray is discovered it proves that it was wiped clean before Avery’s DNA was planted on it and the key itself was planted in Avery’s bedroom.

Other forensic analyses are also reportedly underway to prove that the blood found in Halbach’s car was “significantly older than it should have been” meaning it too was planted.

Reportedly Zellner is not looking for a new trial for Avery — she wants his murder conviction vacated.

Source In Touch Weekly 

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