There’s an artist called Lee Mingwei and he wants you to take a flower, and give a flower.

Taiwanese-American artist Lee Mingwei will be exhibiting at the National Gallery of Victoria this during October, and he’s thought up a beautiful dynamic work called ‘The Moving Garden’.

The idea behind the exhibition is that people will benefit from the surprise generosity and interaction with a stranger.

You can take a flower home with you on two conditions says Lee:
“First, to make a detour from their intended route when leaving the museum for their next destination; second, along this detour, to give the flower to a stranger who they feel would benefit from this unexpected act of generosity.”

Lee and Mingwei have teamed up with Melbourne florists Flowers Vasette, who are going to be providing 1000 fresh flowers on each day of the exhibition. So it’s on for 106 days, so that means a total of 106,000 flowers! Wow!

We think this idea is just lovely – wouldn’t you like to receive a flower from a stranger?!

Get more information on the exhibition here:

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