Blondie is working on a new album which is looking good for 2017.

Promoting their Thursday night show in Virginia, Debbie Harry tells The Roanoke Times, “It would be really fun to play a couple of new things. [But] honestly, sometimes audiences really don’t want to hear new material. They really just want to hear the songs they love.” While that’s “completely flattering and wonderful,” Debbie would rather “take them with us, where we are now, and I hope that we can seduce them.”

For the still untitled album, Harry and co-founders Chris Stein and Clem Burke will work with producer John Congleton, whose credits include The Roots, Modest Mouse and Erykah Badu. Debbie says to expect “some nice surprises. I think it’s just a traditional Blondie sort-of overview… We’ve always tried to maintain our sort of international urban sensibility… Coming from New York City, where there are a lot of different influences — it really is a melting pot — that’s where we’ve always felt most comfortable.”


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