The Block has remade some incredible buildings over the years, but it’s latest could be its greatest yet.

After making over an old art deco building in Port Melbourne this year, the series is now turning its eye to a seedy hotel in St Kilda.

The Gatwick Hotel has a reputation that could definitely do with a makeover – known for violence and drug abuse.

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Located on Fitzroy Street, the 64-room hotel has been described as an eyesore in the area.

Co-owner, Yvette Kelly has previously spoken about the decision to sell up, saying people didn’t want to look at the half-way house.

“They have no compassion, not only not to house them, but to even just look at them or tolerate them,” she said in the doco The Saints of St Kilda.


“That’s why they have such an issue with The Gatwick being in the middle of this new gentrified area.”

According to The Age, the boarding house has seen murders, drug raids and stabbings inside its walls.

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