Netflix is expecting its Australian customers to be agitated at its revelation that there may be delays to the content being added to its service down under.

As the video on demand service grows, it is warning Australian customer that they may be about to lose out because they will have to wait for all their material to be classified by the government before being added.

The company’s global public policy manager, Josh Korn, said that Netflix is basic lay being held hostage to the classification system put in place by the Australian Government.

Due to the amount of content they are making, he expects major delays compared to other territories, saying ‘’there are significant obstacles associated with classifying large volumes of content. Processing delays could result in content being premiered later in Australia than in other Netflix markets.”

Korn is calling for Netflix to be put in the same system used by traditional broadcasters that allowed in-house assessors to classify their content.

However, because some content has never been shown in Australia before it has to go through a rigorous classification system that could ultimately provide a backlog of content waiting to be approved.

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