Kids these days are living in a different world, where instead of heading to the local playground for a swing on the monkey bars, we’ve told them to stay inside.

Their weekend sports are cancelled, the cinemas are closed and fun sleepovers with friends are write-offs. Not to mention their upcoming birthday parties…

It can be a struggle for any parent to keep their family sane and most importantly, safe during this tough time. So, radio personalities and fellow mums Monique Dews and Robin Bailey joined forces to create Keeping Up With Corona, a podcast designed to provide the latest news and tips, with a few laughs along the way.

The duo want to be a friend during this tough period and are opening themselves up candidly into their everyday lives. Take Monique’s daughter Cleo, who bravely spoke about her anxiety over the outbreak.

“I was really, really sad because I didn’t want anyone I cared about, like my old grandparents or anyone like that to get sick because I care about them a lot.

“Coronavirus just scares me because we are locked inside our houses, we can’t go anywhere, it’s just kinda scary.”

Another topic in the podcast is mental health, which is close to Robin’s heart. She explained some of her own personal tips.


“You have to identify what it is that you are actually frightened of,” she said, “so, yes, you can say ‘it’s coronavirus’ but what part of it?”

“When you can identify that thing, then you can manage that, and it doesn’t become this overwhelming thing.”

Of course, Monique and Robin discuss all the fun stuff that kids can get up to as well, like baking, video calls with friends and of course, BOARD GAMES!

“I got it right here, ‘Pandemic!’,” Monique said, holding up the hottest board game of the year by the same title.

“Apparently you’re meant to get into teams and there is four different viruses and you have to stop it spreading around the world and you have to come up with a cure as well.”

If there is one positive from self-isolation, it is the amount of time we all get to spend with our families. Keeping Up With Corona will help you and your children stay sane and have plenty of fun at the same time.


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