INXS guitarist Tim Farriss has described the band’s legendary 1991 Wembley Stadium concert as ‘the biggest pub gig’ they ever played.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock about the recently remastered ‘Live Baby Live’ concert film, Farriss recalled the night INXS played to a sell-out crowd of 73,791 fans, just six years after Live Aid and five years since they supported Queen at the same venue.

Thing is, while most bands pepper new songs throughout their sets, INXS played five songs in a row from the latest album at the time, X.

Ultimately, the band ended up playing almost the entire album, which had only been out a few months.

Of X’s 11 tracks, they played 8.

A risky move to play so much new material… at Wembley Stadium… which was being filmed.

“That was a pretty cheeky thing to do in a stadium show where very few people knew the record,” Farriss admitted.


“We were really coming off the back of the Kick album, so… we were treating the stadium like it was just a pub and breaking in new material.”

Watching ‘Live Baby Live’ back, Farriss recalled one song sticking out in particular.

“When I watched that film and listened to the recording of ‘Hear That Sound,’ it kind of blew me away,” he said.

“It was so much better than I remembered it. We only played that probably on two tours and then we just forgot about it. Now, I look back and think, ‘Geez, man, we should have kept that song in our set for a lot longer.’ Because it cracks on that show.”

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