The last time Midnight Oil came out with new material, it was 2002.

Now, 18 years later, they’re ready to do it again.

It seems their reunion tour of 2017, the one that consequently spilled into dates all over 2019 inspired the boys to get back into the studio.

What resulted was way too much music for one record.

“Over the coming weeks you’ll start hearing about some of the specific things we’re doing in 2020 so before all that starts, we wanted to tell you directly about the broad brushstrokes,” the Oils said in a statement.

“After coming home from Europe via Birdsville in mid-2019 we started recording new music together for the first time in nearly two decades. Our mate Warne Livesey travelled from Toronto to Sydney to produce these sessions just as he did on Diesel & Dust, Blue Sky Mining and Capricornia. It felt good to be back in the studio, and intriguing to see where it all ended up.


The band said they had more than 20 tracks, eight of which had a strong focus on the issue of indigenous reconciliation.

“…so we invited some of our First Nations friends to collaborate with us in various ways on each of these eight tracks.”

This will be released mid-year as a mini-album called The Makarrata Project, which all band profits will donated to charities which elevate the The Uluru Statement From The Heart.

As for the new Midnight Oil album, which is currently being mixed, will be expected to hit shelves towards the end of the year.

Not just this, the Oils plan to follow the album with Australian and international touring across late 2020 and early 2021.

In the meantime…