A mother was forced to move out her seat on a UK train, after an angry passenger claimed she didn’t want to listen to her baby screaming.

According to any eye witness, the older female passenger refused to move her bag when the mother asked if she could sit next to her.

The conformation, which was caught on camera, shows the hostile passenger tell the mother she can’t sit next to her because she doesn’t have a first class ticket.


The mum isn’t having any of it and plonks herself down, telling the hostile passenger the seats are priority seating.

The woman responded saying she didn’t want a ‘screaming baby’ sitting next to her, despite the baby sitting with its mother quietly. In the video, other passengers can be heard supporting the mother and finally one offers her a seat next to him.

During the fiery conversation the mother is heard telling the woman she should ‘respect’ her because she has a baby, while the older woman is heard saying ‘respect your elders and your betters.’  

The confrontation was posted to social media and has since been viewed 300,000 times. A spokesperson for Southern Rail told the Mirror, the mother was within her rights to sit in the first class area because people with disabilities, elderly passengers, women expecting and passengers carrying infants are supposed to be given priority. 

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