An angry mum has sent her friend an invoice, asking her to pay for a new pair of boots for her daughter after they were marked with a pen during a play-date.

Fashion designer Sarah Bryan spotted the damage when three-year-old Isabella returned home after an afternoon of fun and has now asked for $537 to cover the cost of a new pair.

Sarah, who has been known to make dresses out of public hair, fired off an angry email to her friend Nicola Gibbs and told to pay for a new pair or face further action.

Single mum-of-two Sarah, 28, fumed: “If your child comes back with scratches on their body, you’d be like ‘what’s happened?’

“It’s the same with her shoes. She’s not supposed to go outside with them. “Wherever she goes, she goes with a bag of other shoes.

“Obviously shoes get scuffed on the soles, but these look like they’ve been worn for a year, not for a few hours.

“There’s also a big black mark on the toe where they’ve been drawn on. I was devastated when I saw them.”


Sarah says her daughter has 60 pairs of shoes and only wears designer labels, with some coming from a boutique Spanish Shop.

In her email, Nicola continued to say “I am disgusted to see her new Italian leather shoes are all scuffed and have a Sharpie (pen) mark on them so below is the bill for these replacing (sic).

“As a designer, you can imagine I do not want my child to look anything less than pristine.” Nicola, from Normanton replied via The Sun newspaper saying ‘ don’t know what her problem is, to be honest.

“She must have more money than sense if she’s going to pay that much for a pair of shoes for her daughter and then complain when they get ruined.

“Kids are kids, they get messy, they ruin things, that’s life.

“She needs to get over it because no amount of bills she sends me will make me pay for the shoes.


“I’d advise her next time to send her daughter out in wellies, or if she wants to dress up, try Toys ‘R’ Us.”

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