For most teenage girls getting our period for the first time comes as a bit of a shock – even though we knew all along that it was inevitably going to happen!

Can you imagine how much more intense the first-time experience would be if your Mum threw a SURPRISE ‘First Period Party’ for you when it finally happened?

One teen girl doesn’t need to imagine. 

When Shelley Lee’s 12-year-old daughter got her period for the first time, she decided to throw her little girl a surprise party complete with a chocolate cake  (with serotonin in it) and boxes of menstrual products.

A tweet of the party has since gone viral. 


“This is just a normal thing for our family to do,” Shelley told Buzzfeed. “My tweet going viral just amazes me — I’m glad everyone was able to see how supportive and amazing my family is.”

Given the stigma that still exists around basically anything to do menstruation, we actually think this is pretty cool! 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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