Say what you will about TikTok, there are some things that have come out of the platform that are just gifts to the world.

If you’ve been paying attention to the platform over the past couple of weeks you might have noticed a heap of people singing songs from the 2007 Pixar movie Ratatouille.

Sounds normal, Gen Zs on TikTok singing along to all their favourite songs from a Disney Musical, exactly what you would expect from TikTok, right?

Except there is no Ratatouille Musical.

That is to say, there was no Ratatouille Musical, until people started writing and performing their own. And they’re actually really, really good!

Take this one from musician Sophia James, which is written for Chef Skinner when he finds out that Remy has been the chef all along.

@sophiajamesmusicI gave in. Here’s “I Knew I Smelled a Rat”. Somebody PLEASE sing this as Skinner. ##ratatouillemusical ##ratatouille ##iknewismelledarat ##fyp ##rat♬ original sound – Sophia James

Or this upbeat number that also features full costumes, dancing, lighting and props…

@jackgwoodI may have gone too far… 😬##ratatouillemusical ##ratatouillethemusical ##ratatouille ##ratatouillechoreo♬ original sound – Yay Blake Rouse!!

Of course, no musical is complete without the soaring, emotional finale number…


#duet with @rjthecomposer & @momopeach02 thought I’d add to your little duet! #realsetmodel #ratatouillethemusical #collab #theater #lightingdesign

♬ original sound – Shoebox Musicals


We don’t know if this is actually going to happen, but we are so ready for a full-blown Broadway Ratatouille Musical in 2021.

Make it happen, Disney!

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