Could you forgive the person who killed your child?

One woman did.

Two years after her 13-year-old daughter was shot and killed inside a school bus, Lourdes’ mother, Ady Guzman-DeJesus faced her daughter’s killer, Jordyn Howe, in court.

Video footage below shows Ady walking up to the boy and – hugging him.

Lourdes’ shooting was deemed an accident, after Jordyn decided to take his stepfather’s gun to school to show his friends, but it’s incredibly difficult to imagine how a mother could hug someone who had killed their child, whether it was intentional or not.

Not only did Guzman-DeJesus hug Howe, she also agreed with him serving a shorter sentence.

Wondering why? She saw an opportunity to give a teenager with his whole life infront of him another chance. A change her daughter would never have.


Watch the video to see the amazing story…

Source: Fortafy Media

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