They say smile like a crocodile, but it’s not all fun and games at Australia Zoo!

The last remaining links to Steve’s side of the family has reportedly been fired from the franchise. 

Zoo General manager Frank Muscillo – Steve’s brother-in-law – was allegedly marched off the premises this week. 

The decision came after a falling out with Terri Irwin. 

Muscillo, who is married to Steve’s sister Joy, had been a long-serving employee at the Australia Zoo and was part of the zoo’s original management team during Steve’s time. 

He also owned the food court and was a director of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, which oversees the animal hospital. 

Muscillo is not the only family member who have distanced themselves from Terri and her two children Bindi and Robert. 


Joy and the late Steve’s father Bob Irwin has not had any involvement in the zoo since 2008, despite being a founding member. 

The zoo are yet to make any public statement surrounding the situation. 


A photo posted by Bindi Irwin (@bindisueirwin) on

Meanwhile, Bindi posted the following to Instagram, with a quote that reads “Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family”. 

She reiterated the sentiment on Twitter.

This isn’t the only drama surrounding the Irwin family of late. 


Two state government agencies have turned their focus to the zoo to ensure that proper vetinary practices are being abided by, after suggestions of animal mistreatment. 

There are also legal proceedings against the trio brought on by Zoo Sky Media who represent them in regards to an alleged breach of contract. 

The family are actively defending such allegations and have remained transparent as proceedings continue. 


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