The surprising breakout star of Seven’s latest season of My Kitchen Rules Robert Murphy is reportedly in for the mother of all battles with the Australian Taxation Office.

The Texan-born cowboy, who now resides with his family in Hazelbrook, NSW, owes “a substantial amount” in back taxes, the Blue Mountains Gazette reports.

The charming 61-year-old has been busy with his daughter Lynzey shooting the reality show for the past six months and recently discovered his accounts from as far back as 2009 were not up-to-date.

“I’ll have to get a real job. It turns out after I retired I got this bill in the mail, a tax bill from the government. I’m not an accountant and I’ve been hiring people to do my taxes and evidently they’ve been doing a really poor job,” he explained to the Gazette.

The lovable reality TV dad explained that his tax woes also involve his property in Abilene, Texas, where his ailing mother lives.

“They want me to sell my property to pay my taxes. They reckon they own 45 per cent of what I own. It’s pretty much going to take all my superannuation,” the former visual arts teacher explained.

Murphy revealed that even if he and his 23-year-old daughter take out this season of MKR, the $250,000 prize money wouldn’t be enough to cover his overdue taxes.


The moustached TV personality quit his job to compete on the show after 23 years working as a teacher at Bethel Christian School, Mount Druitt.

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