It may cause a few jokes around the place when you admit you do everything in your ‘active wear’ but for some people, it is their life.

While some of us may wear it but never go to the gym, that is the opposite for Michelle Bridges.

The 46-year-old TV star showed off her new gym tights on Thursday and told her followers she even sleeps in them.

‘Shut up, like, I can’t even! These @m_b_active tights are slaying!’ she captioned the image, adding, ‘….and yes, I’m sleeping in them’.  

In the photo, the TV star stands in front of the mirror while wearing her lycra pants, which feature a colourful polka dot design.

Earlier in the week, Michelle was open with fans as she told them she was proud of the tights, which she designed herself.


She wrote, ‘And these tights, omg, the best we’ve done, swear!’ 

Michelle is not returning to the Biggest Loser on Channel 10 this year, which is confirmed to be coming back.