There’s a box set, and the there’s this box set.  Metallica is now shipping a 50-CD package chronicling the band’s tours of Australia and New Zealand in 2010 and 2013.

Titled 25 Nights Down Under, the collection features material recorded from 25 different shows spanning September through November 2010, and then a handful of shows from February and March, 2013.  It includes the 62 different originals, covers and rarities. “The God That Failed,” “Dyers Eve,” “Trapped Under Ice,” and “The Call of Ktulu” all make appearances in the set.

Originally announced in April, the set began shipping this week to fans who’d already pre-ordered it.  You can still grab your copy for just $395 via the band’s website.  You can get a taste of many of the tracks via the band’s Soundcloud page.

Metallica next takes the stage Saturday at the X Games in Austin, Texas.

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