Married at First Sight’s Clare has been on ther receiving end of some very graphic photos and has hit back in a short Instagram video.

She asked in the video, very politely, for men to not send her dick pics.

“Appreciate the support & all, but, ah, this is awkward… Dudes can you NOT send me d**k pics?? I mean I’m sure you are very proud of your man parts, But I don’t need to see them”.

We gather from the hashtags #SingleGirlProblems #Dating2016 the reality star is well and truly ON the market.

About twenty minutes earlier she posted a video of her onscreen husband Jono with his shirt off, but it was swiftly deleted. 

“They didn’t show that it was actually @jonopitman19’s birthday on honeymoon, I actually married a 27 year old!!”


They’re all still under contract, but the blonde beauty went on to reveal more details of the couple’s short lived romance.

“Also the first time we had a proper pash on the honeymoon, Jono randomly got a blood nose. We tried to sneak our first real kiss in with a bit of privacy only to have the crew ask as we sheepishly returned if I had punched him”.


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