After weeks of being billed a ‘teacher’ on Married At First Sight, Mishel Karen’s real job has been revealed.

It turns out that the 49-year-old doesn’t work at a school, and instead, works for the Queensland Police as a policy trainer.

“I am a qualified teacher but I am currently the policy trainer for new Queensland police,” Mishel told Woman’s Day.

“I never wanted to deceive the public, but my work asked me not to reveal it.”

It also turns out that Mishel hasn’t been 100 per cent honest about her name either.


The mother-of-two goes by Mishel Trajceski, Mishel Bogdanovski, and now Mishel Karen, which is now legally her surname.

Mark Scrivens from last year’s season also kept his job a secret. Despite being billed as a personal trainer, he was in fact, an officer with the Australian Federal Police.